Sept 19th Board Meeting

The following board members were present:

President: Luke Wilson

Vice President: Kathie Tam

Communication coord.: Amy Wilson

Secretary: Alexis Shotwell

1.  Call to Order

2.  New Board Members

3.  Financials

Huge shout out to Sarah Nemec on spirit wear. Between 2 days of our home game and meet the timberwolves spirit wear raised over $7400.00!!

We are sitting at around $86,000 right now, we do have about $10,000 coming out of the account the cover the cost of polo’s.

Last concession (Vandy game) easier over $18,000.

4.  Other Business

We will begin coordinating with other booster clubs on volunteer’s for playoffs.

Streaming service of the game will now be open to everyone using the Vipe streaming service. Motion put in by Luke Wilson, second motion agreed by Kathi Tam

Senior Night will be 10/28/2022 coordinated by Cathy Nichols.

Newsletter articles need to be in by Sunday, if not they will be pushed to the next Sunday and issued for that week.

5.  Next Meeting

The next board meeting shall be held on 10/24/2022 (pre playoff meeting) at 6:30pm in the field house


The meeting was adjourned at 6:19pm