Sand Pit, Fun and Games!

Endurance and Explosive Training

Training in sand is very effective for increasing strength and explosiveness. Uses include plyometrics which reduce wear and tear on the body from landing on hard surfaces, “tire relay’s” with 250 lbs tires, running, hurdles, lateral movement footwork and speed development and many other creative things which are made much more challenging when done in sand.

The kids just LOVE the sand pit…..well, maybe just the coaches love the sandpit.

What you should know

  • Surface: Fine sand
  • Installed:  2007 completely from booster club money and volunteer time!
  • Uses: Off season explosiveness training
  • Benefits: Probably one of the most valuable training tools we use for our athletes. Training in sand provides tremendous benefits, which is why you will see this type of tool at most major college and pro teams facilities.