Running Hill

Today’s athletic training requires techniques and capabilities not even considered 10-20 years ago.  The concept of “over speed” training by running down hill, bounding sideways up hill for lateral speed training, and countless other techniques require some capability of running both up and down a surface with the appropriate angle of ascent and decent.  The booster club designed and built this hill for just such purposes.  It is used by all the athletic teams at CPHS.

What you should know

  • Surface: Grass
  • Installed: 2007 from booster club money and volunteer time!
  • Uses: All sports use the hill.  It is a great training tool for both uphill power training and downhill “overspeed” training.  It is over 50 yards long and was built for precise training angles.
  • Benefits: Kids from all sports can be seen throughout the year dragging tires up and over the hill, sprinting downhill with other training aids.