Field Turf Practice Field

Field Turf for Practice and sub-varsity games plus three grass practice fields

Consistency, safety, quality. These are the words that come to mind when you think of a Field Turf surface. We are very fortunate to have this surface as our primary practice field and sub varsity game field. This includes all high school sub varsity teams (freshman and JV) as well as Cedar Park Middle School. In addition to this field the football team has three traditional grass practice fields which are used year round by our program. Obviously these fields not only benefit the football teams, but the soccer teams, track teams, local youth football teams and many others. In addition to the Field Turf we also have three grass practice fields to utilize.

What you should know

    • Surface: Field Turf
    • Installed: 2014
    • Uses: All football from middle school to high school, soccer, lacrosse, youth football, track, many other
    • Benefits: No rain outs, 100% consistency in quality of practice/game surface, reduce environmental impact of water and other care required by grass.