Meeting and Study Hall Room

When it came time for our daily UIL mandated study hall, we once held it in the hallway of our locker room.  After we built the new weight rooms, we converted the old weight room into a 2,200 sf study hall/meeting room.  It is one of the most valuable and widely used facilities we have.  A program of over 250 football players must have large areas for meetings, film, academic tutorials etc.  With dividers this room is capable of holding multiple meetings at once.

It is also used by school faculty, outside groups, for testing such as TAKS when large rooms are needed etc.

We are very grateful to the LISD administration and to the people in LISD for caring so much about giving our kids the best possible facilities for success in every area.

What you should know

  • Size: 2,200 square feet
  • Built: 2007
  • Uses: This room is a multi purpose facility that resides in the football dressing rooms and coaches office building.  It is used for daily study hall, tutorial sessions, meetings, film,  Booster Club meetings, FCA meetings, and testing for the school.