The Cedar Park high school football program is a diverse football family committed to excellence. We are a supportive community focused on helping our boys be the best they can be on the field, in the classroom, with their families and in their every day lives.

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“Sports do not BUILD character. They reveal it.”

Heywood Broun

It is an awesome day to be a Timberwolf! The middle of June is here and strength and speed camp is underway. We have a lot to do in terms of preparing our bodies and minds for the 2014 Football Season. As coaches and players, we use the summer to show our commitment to our TEAM and our Creed by putting in the work required to BUILD our way back to a championship. Make no mistake, it will take time and effort to accomplish our goals and the only promise is of the hardest work of our lives! Is it worth it? In this life, everything that has great value requires sacrifice. Our mission for 2014 is to deserve the right to be called champions; it will be worth it! Be at camp on time (7:55), work hard, and understand the lessons from the Spring. Believe in the fact that balancing work to fun is a valuable/real-life concept. Understand that the 8 hours per week that the coaches work with you are supposed to be the hardest things you will ever do. Buy-in to the idea that we are BUILDING the foundation for something greater than any of us individually could ever accomplish. Without that foundation, nothing we build will last, but with it, we will leave a legacy worth remembering and worth being the standard for Cedar Park Football!

A few reminders:
  1. If you are signed up as a player that wants to be recruited or play college football, you and your parents need to go to the following link and watch this webinar together. After you watch it, email me at to let me know you have completed it and include any questions you or your parents may have had. If you have not completed this by the end of the summer, we will remove you from our list of prospective college players.
  2. Check your calendars/goal sheets for times and events this summer. If you said you were going to be at camp, be there! TRUST is the cornerstone of our program. No matter how talented you are, athletic ability will always be second to reliability as far as I’m concerned.
  3. Check the web-site for information on nutrition and advisories on supplements. We have a link to a nutrition presentation and if you are planning on using training supplements, make sure you check with me or you check the web-site to see if it has met NCAA standards. This is important! It is part of your job as a Cedar Park Football Player to have MyFitnessPal app on your phone and track what you eat as well as what you drink every day. If you are not, you are being disrespectful to your teammates and coaches and you are also not maximizing the information we give you to use.
  4. Make sure “you and your parents” are a part of the “new” Remind101 class that was started in the Spring. There will be separate classes this Fall, but right now everyone should be in the same class. We will use the text alerts to let you know about upcoming events as well as announcements during the summer.
  5. 8 is not enough!!! You need to train more than 8 hours a week. Yancy Culp aligns his trainings with our schedule and will give you a specific individual plan to help you maximize your potential. You can pick up information on his “Sports Performance Training Program” at the field-house or visit or call 512-423-3486. His program is designed to complement times and training modules of our program and is an excellent way to fine-tune your performance.
  6. Upcoming dates:
    • 7 on 7 Westwood Tuesday evenings on June 17th 5:30 and June 24th 6:00.
    • 7 on 7 LISD Match Play Wednesday June 18th @ Bible (Noon); Monday June 23rd at Rouse (Noon) and Wednesday June 25th at CPHS vs VHS (Noon)
    • Strength Camp 8-10 AM Monday-Thursday (Check the Calendar on the website for the weeks)
    • Monday August 4th “Pup-Camp” for incoming 9th Football 8-11AM (Cost = 2 Towels)
    • Monday August 11th First day of Fall Camp 6AM – Noon “Earn It”
I want to thank all our parents and boosters for the work that you put into BUILDING our program up! Our Spring Game was an awesome example of the workforce and knowhow we have within our community. I am truly grateful to have such talented men and women dedicating their time and energy to our organization! We believe our mission is to support you in raising and preparing your son to be the most well-adjusted and best-equipped young man possible. We hope to provide the training, structure, and rigor to produce a result worthwhile of the effort and time that goes into preparing a champion on and off the field. Please feel free to communicate with us, but also allow us the privilege of holding your son accountable; which we believe will serve him well as he enters a real world full of competition and short on compassion. We appreciate the fact that it will take all of us being on the same page for him to get the most out of his athletic career, and for us to achieve our goals as a TEAM. It’s 2014 and 2012 and 2013 are gone. Those opportunities don’t exist any longer, but the knowledge of how to BUILD a champion does. We have pictures, trophies, memories, and valuable lessons from the past two seasons. It’s time to take that knowledge and BUILD the greatest monument yet! Until July, GO WOLVES!

Joe Willis
Head Football/ac

Join the Booster Club

  Are you interested in helping support the Cedar Park Football Team? Join the CPHS Football Booster Club. Volunteers are always needed and appreciated. Click here to learn more. Click Here

Pack Pups Registration

Pack Pups is a spirit club for kids attending LISD elementary schools (grades K-5). It offers a great opportunity to build that Timberwolf spirit. Here's what your child gets with the $25 membership: - 2014 Pack Pup Jersey - FREE admission to ALL HOME GAMES when wearing the Pack Pup jersey. - The opportunity to run the field with the fighting TIMBERWOLVES before each of the home varsity football games!

There are 2 ways to register:
  1. Click here to complete the sign up form and make your payment online.  Click Here
  2. Sign up in person! A Pack Pup table will be available at the following events:
    • May 29th, 2014- Incoming Freshman & Booster club Meeting
    • May 30th, 2014- Spring Football Game
    • August 20th, 2014- Meet the Timberwolves

If you have any questions, please contact Trista Parks at


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